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Animal Correspondences

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Animal Correspondences:

Centuar - The arts, creative inspiration, divination
Dragon - Protection, transformation, spiritual guide, long life, strength against
Gargoyle - Silence, shadows, freedom
Griffin - Spiritual clarity, faith, understanding
Leviathan - Influence, foresight, time for meditation
Manticore - Embodiment of evil, dark force, powers working against you
Minotaur - Defense against harm, protection, power, fertility
Pegasus - Inspiration, astral travel, divination, romance
Phoenix - Rebirth, reincarnation, new beginnings, courage, adaptation
Unicorn - Prosperity, adventure, purity, of gentle nature, mental strength

Insects and Reptiles
Alligator/Crocodile - Birth, motherhood, initiation
Ant - Stamina, planning, patience
Beetle - Resurrection, past lives, enlightenment
Chameleon - Patience, goals
Cricket - Good luck, travel, communication
Dragonfly - Understanding, dreams, change
Frog - Transformation, emotions, cleansing
Grasshoper - Faith, astral travel
Lizard - Guidance, creativity, protection, subtlety
Salamander - Strength, courage
Snake - Rebirth, resurrection, initiation, wisdon
Spider - Creativity, Wisdom
Turtle - Motherhood, longevity, opportunities

Albatross - Endurance, stamina, emotions
Blackbird - Gatekeeper, omens, mysticism
Bluebird - Happiness, fulfillment
Canary - Heightened sensitivity, healing
Chickadee - Truth, knowledge
Chicken - Fertility, sacrifice
Crane - Longevity, Creation
Crow - Connections, intelligence, watchfullnes
Dove - Love, Peace, Romance, Friendships
Duck - Maternal, Harmony, protective
Eagle - Clarity
Falcon - Guide, healing
Finch - New beginings
Goose - Infinity, story telling, fertility
Great Blue Heron - Independence, dignity
Hawk - Foresight, courage
Heron - Self-determination, Self-Reliance
Hummingbird - Serenity, Joy, Love
Ibis - Enlightment, ancient wisdom, magick
Junco - Diversity, restlessness
Kestrel - Speed, agility, grace
Kingfisher - Peace, prosperity
Lorikeet - Communication, all-seeing
Magpie - Occult knowledge, willfulness
Owl - Silent wisdom, Clairvoyance, magickal
Peacock - Clairvayance, Warning, All seeing
Pelican - Buoyant, self-sacrificing, calm
Pigeon - Messages, love
Quail - Courage, peace, tranquility
Raven - Magick, shapeshifting, creation
Road Runner - Mental speed and agility
Robin - New growth, territorial
Sparrow - Awakening, triumph
Spoonbill - Understands silence, shyness, wary
Starling - Imitation, intelligence, adaptability, groups
Stork - Creation, new beginings, faithfulness
Swallow - Protection, warmth
Swan - Purity, Tranquility, Meditation, true beauty
Swift - Speed, agility
Swisher - Faerie Realm, accomplishment
Turkey - Connections, shared blessings, harvest
Vulture - Purification, vigilance, new vision
Waxwing - Gentleness, Courtesy
Willy Wagtail - Messages, protection
Wood Duck - Emotional Strength, comfort
Woodpecker - Magick, Prophecy
Wren - Boldness, resourcefull

Antelope - Instinct, survival, be cautious
Bat - mental clarity, insight, adaptation, abolishment of fears
Bear - Strength, defense against evil and negativity, stamina, mystery
Beaver - Focus, planning, working in unison
Bison - Prosperity, survival, fertility
Bobcat - Vigilance, suspicion, solitude
Butterfly - Joy, transformation
Cat - Independence, protection, spiritual communication, self confidence
Cheetah - Swiftness, harmony
Cockatoo - Beauty
Cougar - Cunning, freedom, balance
Cow - Alert, contentment, love, stubborness
Coyote - Cunning, heightened instinct, preservation, dream guide
Crab - Escape, emotions, usefulness
Deer - Gentleness, grace, innocence, appreciation
Dingo - Companionship, loyalty, truth
Donkey - Stubbornness, decisions, opinons
Dog - Guidance, loyalty, unconditional companionship, trust
Dolphin - Change, wisdom, harmony, communication
Dugong - Gentleness, emotions
Echidna - Determination, single-minded, legends
Elephant - Strength, ancient power, confidence, mental grounding
Emu - Shyness, abundance, wisdon
Fox - Stealth, wisdom, ability to detect true or underlying intent
Giraffe - Communication, intuition
Goat - Confidence, independence
Guinea Pig - Gentleness, love, responsibility
Gull - Messenger, responsibility, friendship
Horse - Symbolic of free spirit, stamina, friendship and faith
Jaguar - Fearless, physic sight
Kangaroo - Safety, protector of the young
Kite - All-seeing, clrity, prophecy
Kiwi - Ancient wisdom, truth, understanding
Koala - Determination, quiet strength
Leopard - Sensitivity, silence, shadows
Lion - Concentration, release of stress, relaxation, family strength
Llama - Overcoming obstacles, comforting
Lynx - Secrets, silence
Macaw - Mockery, bonding, guidance, wisdom
Mole - Knowledge, independence, sensitivity
Monkey - Playfulness, energy, resourceful, clever
Octopus - Intelligence, barriers
Opossum - Sensibility, recovery
Orca - Divination, healing, protector
Otter - Joy, playfulness, sharing
Panda - Connections, balance, adaptability
Panther - Atral travel, death, rebirth
Polar Bear - Solitude, transformation, dreams
Platypus - Ancient, uniqueness
Rabbit - Swiftness, gentle of nature, intuitive
Raccoon - Creative problem solving, curiosity, bravery, something new ahead
Sea horse - Creativity, inspiration, innocence
Seal - Protection, harmony, survival
Shark - Past knowledge, remorselessness, saviour
Sheep - Fertility, abundance, confidence
Squirrel - Resourcefulness, warning, discovery
Starfish - Beauty, regeneration, moon magick
Sting Ray - Emotions, understanding differences
Tiger - Energy, inner strength, power, mental and spiritual awareness
Weasel - Ingenuity, slyness, curiosity, conniving, mistrust
Whale - Longevity of life and love, strengthening family bonds,
emotional clarity
Wolf - Wisdom, spiritual leader, introspective of transformation
Wombat - Strength, determination, resourcefullness
Zebra - Individuals, clarity