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Zodiac Correspondences

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Zodiac Correspondences:

March 21--April 19.
Planet: Mars.
Metal: Iron.
Age: Womanhood (28-35 yrs) Manhood (28-35yrs).
Cross: Cardinal.
Element: Fire.
Stones: Ruby, blodstone, diamond, garnet.
Numbers: 7 and 9.
Day: Tuesday.
Flowers and Herbs: Thistle, wild rose, woodbine.
Tree: Holly, thorn, chestnut.
Color: Red, white or pink.
Bird: Magpie, robin.
Body Area: Head, Brain, face.
Key Word: Appearance.
April 20--May 21.
Planet: Venus.
Metal: Copper.
Age: Youth (14 -21 yrs).
Cross: Fixed.
Element: Earth.
Stones: Saphire, Emerald, Tourquoise, Jade.
Numbers: 6.
Day: Friday.
Flowers and Herbs: Violet, wild and red garden rose.
Tree: Almond, ash, chery and mrytle.
Color: Blue, green, turquoise, red or yellow.
Bird: Magpie, robin.
Body Area: Throat, neck.
Key Word: Aquisition.
May 22--June 20.
Planet: Mercury.
Metal: Mercury.
Age: Girl/Boyhood (7-14 yrs).
Cross: Mutable.
Element: Air.
Stones: Diamond, jade, agate, topaz.
Numbers: 5.
Day: Wednesday.
Flowers and Herbs: Parsley, dill, hazel, fern, iris.
Tree: Elder, filbert.
Color: White, yellow, silver, pale grey, red or blue.
Bird: Parrot, eagle, finches.
Body Area:Shoulders, chest, lungs.
Key Word: Communication.
June 21--July 22.
Planet: Moon.
Metal: Silver.
Age: Baby - 7 yrs.
Cross: Cardinal.
Element: Water.
Stones: Emerald.
Numbers: 2 and 7.
Day: Monday.
Flowers and Herbs: Poppy, white rose, watercress.
Tree: Willow.
Color: Pale blue, silver, pearl, green or brown.
Bird: Seagull, owl, white peacock.
Body Area: Breats, stomach, chest.
Key Word: Security.
July 23--August 22.
Planet: Sun.
Metal: Gold.
Age: Every stage of life.
Cross: Fixed.
Element: Fire.
Stones: Amber, ruby, diamond.
Numbers: 1 and 4.
Day: Sunday.
Flowers and Herbs: Marigold, sunflower, hops.
Tree: Willow.
Color: Gold, yellow, blood red, green.
Bird: Peacok, cock, eagle.
Animal: Lion, wolf, griffin.
Body Area: Back.
Key Word: Creativity.
August 23--September 22.
Planet: Mercury.
Metal: Platinum.
Age: 7-14 yrs.
Cross: Fixed.
Element: Earth.
Stones: Cornelian, jade, jasper.
Numbers: 5 and 10.
Day: Wednesday.
Flowers and Herbs: Rosemary, madonna, lily, valerian.
Tree: Elder.
Color: Pastel blue, peach, yellow, gold, black.
Bird: Magpie, parrot.
Animal: Cock, sqirrel.
Key Word: Operation.
September 23--October 22.
Planet: Venus.
Metal: Copper.
Age: 14-21 yrs.
Cross: Cardinal.
Element: Air.
Stones: Opal, lapis lazuli, beryl, sapphire.
Numbers: 6.
Day: Friday.
Flowers and Herbs: Violet, white rose.
Tree: Almond, walnut, plum, mrytle.
Color: Royal blue, cerulean, green, black.
Bird: Dove, swan, sparrow.
Animal: Hare.
Key Word: Partners.
October 23--November 21.
Planet: Mars & Pluto.
Metal: Iron & Platonium.
Age: Seniority.
Cross: Fixed.
Element: Water.
Stones: Topaz, ruby, jet.
Numbers: 9.
Day: Tuesday.
Flowers and Herbs: Sweet basil, purple heather.
Tree: Holly, blackthorn.
Color: Deep reds, shadow black, brown..
Bird: Eagle, vulture.
Animal: scorpion, wolf, panther.
Key Word: Death.
November 22--December 21.
Planet: Jupiter.
Metal: Tin.
Age: 35-42 (Maturity).
Cross: Mutable.
Element: Fire.
Stones: Saphire, amethyst, topaz.
Numbers: 3 & 4.
Day: Thursday.
Flowers and Herbs: Carnation, sage.
Tree: Mulberry, vine, chestnut.
Color: Lilac, mauve, purple, indigo, goldred.
Bird: Eagle, peacock.
Animal: Mare, lion.
Key Word: Wisdom.
December 22--January 19.
Planet: Saturn.
Metal: Lead.
Age:42-49 yrs
Stones:Onyx, jet, garnet, opal
Numbers:3 & 8
Flowers and Herbs:Nightshade, rue, snowdrop
Tree:Pine, cypress, yew, spruce
Color:Black, grey, violet, red, brown.
Bird:Owl, falcon
Animals:Dog, elephant, goat
Key Word:Acheivement
20 January - 18 February
Planet: Saturn
Metal: Uranium
Age: 49-56 (Middle Age)
Cross: Fixed
Element: Air
Stones: Zircon, amber, malachite
Numbers: 2 & 3
Day: Saturday
Flowers and Herbs: Snowdrop, foxglove
Tree: Pine
Color: All colours esp electric blue.
Bird: Cuckoo, albatross, phoenix
Animal: Dog, otter
Key Word: Fellowship
19 February - 20 March
Planet: Jupiter & Neptune
Metal: Tin
Age: 55-62 (Age of Wisdom)
Cross: Mutable
Element: Water
Stones: Saphine, emerald, amethyst
Numbers: 3 & 6
Day: Thursday
Flowers and Herbs: Heliotrope, carnation, opium
Tree: Willow, elm
Color: Purple, violet, amethyst, white, green.
Bird: Swan, stork, sandpiper
Animal: Sheep, ox, seal
Key Word: Privacy