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They are links that unite seemingly disparate realms. E.g. legs and lungs = fins and gills, linking terrestrial and aquatic realms; brilliant Sun = glittering gold, linking celestial and mineral realms; earth/water/air/fire = solid/liquid/gas/plasma = physical/emotional/mental/spiritual, linking elemental, material, and human realms.
They are a window on the structure of the cosmos; a lens between the macrocosm ("as above") and microcosm ("so below"). By using correspondences one can access, study, and manipulate the realm of Ideas, archetypes that determine the nature of reality (cf. laws of physics; Aristotle's categories).
Unitive Ideas (archetypes) = Spirit "above";
Categorizing and collating systems (correspondences) = Mind "mediating between";
Differentiated Things (reality) = Matter "below".
Divinatory systems are especially powerful tools in finding and analyzing correspondences, e.g. numerology, astrology, Tarot, runes. What do they have in common?
Number is important on a structural level (4 suits, 12 signs, 3 rune-rows)
Each component within them is distinct; no accidental overlap
Each component is a glyph for an archetype -- more than words can convey
Based on arrangement of a limited no. of glyphs -- ordering and re-ordering of same components. Like life itself -- "the more things change.."
Theory of correspondences is based on analogical reasoning, which seeks similarities of pattern -- a "right-brain" approach (artistic, poetic, holistic) -- rather than "left-brain" cause-and-effect reasoning which scientific materialism insists is alone valid. Paradigm shift from one to the other occurred between end of Renaissance and beginning of Age of Enlightenment, and is linked by some scholars with witch-burnings.